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Algajola, a historic holiday destination in Corsica.
A pioneering village in terms of Corsican tourism, Algajola welcomed its first holidaymakers in "hostels" and "bed and breakfasts" from the 1930s onwards.
British travellers valued the hospitality and generosity of their hosts, the untouched beauty of the landscapes, the scents and delicious flavours of the Mediterranean.

Algajola, a charming seaside village.
Half way between the holiday resorts of Calvi and Ile-Rousse, Algajola offers the advantages of this immediate proximity while at the same time retaining its major assets:
nature, identity and serenity.

A citadel with its "feet in the water".
Built on the edge of a majestic beach of fine sand, Algajola will entrance you with its shores, at the same time wild and welcoming.
Walking, swimming, fun water activities and sports will fill your days.
In the evenings, you can stroll down the typical, intimate streets of this charming medieval village.

Algajola, at the heart of the Balagne region: nature, culture and tradition.
An unrivalled setting for nature, bathed in light and suffused with the rich fragrance of the maquis, the Balagne region offers you a warm welcome.
Between piedmont and coastline, one by one you will discover its uniquely charming villages, the birthplaces of Corsican craftsmanship and culture with a magnificent horizon stretching over the sea.
Even higher, in the shadows of the Laricci pines and the old chestnut trees, the waters of the rivers will leave your skin soft and silky.

L'Escale Plage*, an environment of endless attractions.
Boat trips, pleasure-boating, kite surfing, waterskiing, kayaking...
Hiking, mountain biking, quad biking...
Exhibitions, conferences, encounters and festivals of music, cinema, theatre and history...
Corsican song, Corsican products, Corsican gastronomy...
Corsican craftsmanship...

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